March 2010

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dpw-letter-newWell it’s already March, nine and a bit months to 2011. So little time and so much left to do……….

Time to take out my big wooden spoon again!

For years I’ve been asking myself this question; “why would good, honest, hard working people of integrity who create more than they consume keep pumping vast amounts of wealth into the bottomless pit of poverty?” Have they no respect for the rewards of their own hard work and creativity? Or is it just that most people have never taken the trouble to work out the origins of poverty and wealth?

What is wealth? It is the natural consequence of creating more than we consume. Wealth happens because of the application of a Universal Law. Every living thing has the natural ability to create wealth. And generally speaking they all do: Except, apparently, average man.

Children expect to be feed, clothed, sheltered and educated; in exchange for what? Who is teaching them entitlement when they should be learning creation and self-sufficiency? Useless unproductive people; who, incidentally, are the natural consequence of their up-bring; criticise their bosses and the companies that provide them with employment; often going on strike and stopping production; killing the goose that lays their golden eggs. Average man, openly despises ‘the wealthy’ yet believes he has a right to the spoils of their wealth. The so-called 3rd world countries despise and condemn the 1st world and all that they stand for, yet every time the 3rd world find them selves in the ‘dwang’ they expect to be bailed out of their self-created misery.

The principle on which wealth is build is simple. Wealth is always the by-product of creating more than is consumed and it is linked to the natural law of compound interest, so more creates more……creates even more…..

Megalomaniac religionists, politicians and the misguided liberals that they champion are breaking all the rules of wealth creation, except when it is in their personal interest.

We have no ‘right to be’ feed, clothed, sheltered or to education and employment and until these myths are dispelled the very thing that these ‘perceived rights’ are supposed to elevate will be perpetuated with compound interest.

Thousands of years ago a great teacher said; “he who becomes the greatest servant will be the master.”

Wealth is also a by-product of the quality and quantity of the surplus service that each of us provides to our fellow man, yet well meaning but misguided people are rewarding children and people in general for being alive, not for the quality and quantity of their contribution. Society is breaking all the Natural Laws of Creation.

All plants work the natural law of compound interest, creating abundance. Animals, of the non human variety, will not breed naturally if they are not happy and conditions are not right to expand ‘their families’. In the natural environment they will never over graze or deplete their food supply.

If the plants and animals can do it right what’s wrong with people?

We live in a just Universe. Despite misguided nobility; the Poor are being rewarded for their contribution to the things that create poverty and the Rich for their contribution to wealth….. and because we all get good at what we practice the gap between the two will continue to widen.

Freedom is another thing that everyone is screaming about. Everyone want to be free! But freedom is the responsibility of self-sufficiency. No matter what society misguidedly believes there is no such thing as freedom from responsibility.

The worlds useless believe its God’s job to provide and their right to take…take…take. God must even provide the United Nations food hampers; the entrepreneurs to build business that are expected to pay people for being present at work, irrespective of production; ex spouses for alimony; loving parents to bum off and provide an inheritance that will hopefully eliminate the need to do anything except squander resources.

Uselessness is a deadly disease that is far more infectious and dangerous than AIDS. Usefulness is the antidote. It does not cost a cent to produce and every person on earth already has its possibility as latent potential.

Do people really believe that they are doing a “GOOD THING” by encouraging the many wilfully useless people who live out of integrity to enjoy the fruits of the labours of the few people of integrity that create more than they consume?

Help me awaken this antidote in as many people as possible. The survival of humanity depends on people using their brains to practice the LORE.

May truth be your guiding force; love your motivation and enlightenment your goal; and may 2010 be the most rewarding year you have ever had.


David Pickard Wyllie

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