March 2008

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dpw-letter-newI feel that I owe you, my students, an apology. For years I have been teaching that we become what we think about. That our ego is one of the most important things that we will ever give our attention to, because we will ultimately become who we think we are.

So why do I feel I owe you an apology? Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. I guess that depend on you.

Many of you have, over the years since we first met, become some of the most powerful and successful business people in the country; and for that I have only great praise and admiration. Achieving our dreams and fulfilling our aspirations is one of the most wonderful things that we will ever do, until it gets in the way of good manners and integrity.

When we are just far too important to return phone calls; when we think that we are now so important that we need our PA’s to set up meetings between us and feel that we have the right to chop and change venues, times and dates because something more important has cropped up. Without any consideration for the value of each others time. When we feel that we have the right to just don’t pitch for meeting that has been in our diary for a month and are simply too bad mannered to even apologize.

When we cancel dinner dates at two hours notice with out any consideration that someone as arrange and prepared a meal that they deemed worth of our friendship. But I’m sure that you are getting the message, or maybe you have simply become to self opinionated to care.

People of integrity simple have more manners than that. And I would like to think that students of TAG Consciousness are a little better that the rank and file of the useless that are proliferating as a scourge across Planet Earth.

All we have is who we are! The little things and the great achievement are only reflections of who we are making of ourselves, and in reality, all of us, are only as good as our last performance.

We become what we practice and everything that we do is laying a brick in the cathedral of our life. We would be horrified to fined that an unprincipled building contractor was hiding inferior quality bricks in the walls of a building that represented everything that our life stood for.

REMEMBER; the foundation of exceptional performance for all of us is very simple, ‘today I will be 1% better than yesterday.’ With this amazing simplicity as the base of our daily activity there is nothing that remains out of reach for very long. Before long we will all be doing things that we never dreamed possible before. But we must also remember that the same law works regardless of the direction in which we have chosen to channel our energies.

Every time we take our queue from the useless we reverse the trend that we have been working so hard to set up. Every time we act in a way that is unbecoming of whom we are making of ourselves we under mine the way we feel and feed the flow of energy away from our greatness.

Practising doing the little things right is so important. The building blocks of life are the 1/25th of a second impulses of our thought and the emotions that they trigger.

Individually we have a responsibility to make our selves into the greatest person that we can imagine in order that we my take that person and trade the greatest possibilities with the people we have the privilege to serve. Collectively we have a responsibility to bring out the very best that there is to bring out in each other.

The more of us who practice doing thing with the integrity that is befitting of the privilege of life the more we move the collective energy in that direction and the easier it will become for more and more of us to achieve a greatness tat is had to even comprehend from our present vantage point.

My true integrity become the cornerstone of the cathedral you are building with every thought and action of your life.


David Pickard Wyllie

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David Wyllie

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I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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