Life in My Face

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Life in My Face

Life is the perfect classroom

David Pickard Wyllie


Everything is by choice

“I can’t live while I have a reason to die,

Nor die while I have a reason to live.”

Life is an eternal process of learning; and it’s about choices; choices that we are often not even conscious of making.

We live in an infinite sea of possibilities affording us an infinite numbers of directions of learning; infinite choices and infinite outcomes; none are right or wrong, all just learning.

Many choices were made just to facilitate our arrival, for this experience in learning, on Planet Earth.

We chose this perfect planet, to experience in this dimension of energy and the perfect parent combination to give us the unique DNA that we required, as the toolbox for this learning; knowing that they would also provide the perfect springboard into this life’s chosen path. We left nothing to chance!

Ever since, we have been choosing! Choosing to accept or reject everything that we have been told or taught. We can’t think; react; feel or do anything without choosing, and choosing not to choose is also a choice.

These choices create every aspect of our lives and all the learning that results from the experiences we bring upon ourselves.

Truth out of context is a lie!

Because, after birth, we are generally not aware of our life before we are born, our perceptions of life; its value and meaning are truths out of context. As a result of this many thing just don’t seem to make sense.

Energy can never be created or destroyed, so what we call life and death are only illusions created by the moving from one frequency of energy (classroom) to another. We move through eternity, on our quest for conscious knowledge, experience and mastery of the process of creation.

We can never escape the lessons, even if we choose to defer them.

Everything we attract into our life is a lesson. Our parents; life partners; children; all people that passes through our experience are all for our learning; we are all teachers for each other. All relationships and events are carefully chosen to best facilitate everything that we came to earth to remember, discover or master.

Every lesson has two parts; we can succumb to, or overcome; embrace or reject, all that we attract to ourselves. One lesson is not better than the other; all learning is progress. It is just as important to learn what not to do, as it is to learn what to do. Every lesson is confirming the process of cause and effect, enabling us to learn which thoughts and actions create what outcomes.

Our choices change the sequence of events and experiences that create perceptions. Perceptions must never be confused with TRUTH. Our truth is not The Truth!

We are always being tempted: Tempted to do the comfortable thing; like conform; compromise; take the path of least resistance; or even give up our dreams and ambitions while keeping others happy: Often we are tempted to ignore our intuition at the expense of our life purpose.

Learning is a personal experience, not a collective one; we can’t choose, learn or experience for or on behalf of each other. Every experience is relative to our preparation, unique nature, emotions and the perceptions they create forms our unique concept of reality.

While we are choosing to stretch and add to our experiences our brain interprets the experience as LIFE, activating ever more of our latent potential; when we choose to under achieve the brain thinks we are DYING and helps to shut us down.

It is always a perfect life, although sometimes it is hard to come to grips with things while we are caught up in the apparent turmoil and emotion of the moment, but with hindsight everything always becomes clear. Both the purpose and the path of our choices are always revealed!

We are alive because we, our Soul or Higher Self, know we have not completed our chosen learning. Death is the natural way of changing classrooms and each of us must do it in our own perfect way, at the time of our souls choosing.

Think about your life! Choose wisely; remember the uniqueness of your DNA; be happy for you learning and grateful for your experiences.

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David Wyllie

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I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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