June 2014

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The other day I received  a referral from a client for one of our intensive TAG workshops. When I arrived at the appointment the very first thing that this prospective client said to me was; “I believe you are a super salesperson … I was told that if I met with you I would buy.” I smiled and asked; “So what was it that made you choose to meet with me?”

He “sold” me on why he had asked to meet, I handed him the forms and he enrolled. It was just a natural process, like all good selling is supposed to be.

On my way home I got to thinking about why, what I have devoted my life to for the past forty years has been so amazingly successful and why my success has created so many happy, successful and wealthy people from diverse cultures, religious and educational backgrounds all over the world.

My conclusion; Most lecturers profess or tell, at TAG and Growthpoint we sell and make the clients prove their ability to do what they think they know. Mmmm … maybe I am a super salesman!

Years ago I worked out that all effective communication was selling and that there are always at least two sales presentations going on at the same time. While the energies are moving in opposite directions (for and against) there will always be two possible outcomes. Selling is skilfully and systematically working the energies together in harmony until they are moving in the best interests of the desired outcome.  When this happens everyone wins!

I also soon realized that generally management ‘tells or intimidates’ to get results because most people in management are on an authoritarian trip, they think that being  on a management team is more important than …  when in reality they should be selling ideas, unity, production and efficiency as the best interest of everyone concerned.

 Most mediocre relationships are based on demanding outcomes or emotional blackmail: I demand … I want … I expect … I have rights … You owe me … You don’t understand … If you really cared …

In both our professional and personal lives we should always be selling … perfect outcomes, not problems … selling the greatest possibilities, not shortcomings … our hopes and dreams … our talents and skills … our willingness to serve and deliver, the list is endless.

My job as a teacher, coach and consultant is simple; I find out what my clients dreams are,  then help them build a mental bridge between their perceived current reality and the fulfillment of their dreams. Once this has been sold and bought the rest is relatively easy. Motivation; the willingness to risk; to go the extra mile; to attain skills and to accept responsibility become a natural process!

Buried deep within our subconscious latent potential are all the talents, skills and abilities required to achieve everything that we can imagine, unfortunately most people get stuck in the dream stage and then hi-jack themselves into believing all the ‘impossibilities’ of the social conditioning of the mediocre multitude. In reality they sell themselves all their excuses when what they should be doing is selling themselves all the possibilities. Interestingly both take the same skill, effort and energy but the outcomes differ vastly.

Our roll in our chosen environment is to develop the skill to firstly sell our dreams to ourselves while continuously evolving into the person who is equal to our aspirations. Only after we have achieved this do we have the right to become a role model for exceptional achievement and to inspire and sell the people we have the privilege of interacting with their greatest possibilities.

Somewhere back in my distant past I, a young man from a very modest background with a multitude of ‘learning disorders’ who never finished school, dreamed of being one of the worlds great teachers. To do this I needed uncommon insight, wisdom, skill and the financial resources to really make a difference. They have all become reality.

“By the way, if I could make a difference in your life, what would that difference be?

Love and Light.

David Pickard Wyllie.

PS. I will be sharing some of the practical skills I have developed in a one day workshop, ‘Unleashing Creative Sales Potential’ (limited to twenty people) in Gauteng, South Africa on 26/06/2014.  Book Now

David Wyllie

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I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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