January 2009

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dpw-letter-newIt’s amazing how fast the new years seem to be coming around. May 2009 be the best one you have had so far.

This morning I woke up with a phrase going through my head; “nature favours the wise and is cruel to the foolish.” I am not sure where it comes from but it’s true; no, it’s profound; or is it both? Maybe we need to learn more from nature, after all it is the ‘God Way’ and has been around forever, long before misguided liberals thought that they were smart enough to fix a perfect world by breaking all the ‘God Rules’ or Natural LAW.

Yes, we do live in a perfect world!

It is a perfect classroom in this school that we call Planet Earth. We haven’t come here to fix it, we simple are not that smart; but to learn to create in the frequency of energy in which we find ourselves.

Every piece of this infinite Universe is full of ‘creative stuff’ which we call energy. Thought has control of this ‘stuff’ and we, simply because we are of the species Homo sapiens*, have the awesome responsibility of choosing what is being created with this ‘stuff’ in our personal space.

When you take the trouble to think about it, what I am saying is obvious. More than six billion people live on this planet; all created in ‘Gods Image’ all with unique DNA and their own individual perception of reality. Are we all ‘right’? Wasn’t it Henry Ford who said, ”If you think you can or think you can’t you are defiantly right.”

Is it possible that we all have multiple reasons for being there? Not only are we here to create reality according to our levels and perceptions of consciousness, but we are also here as a mirror that enables others to see in us that which they are unwilling, or as yet, unable to see in themselves. In this way we are all exposed to different levels of awareness and consciousness that we allow or disallow to influence our thinking and stimulate our abilities and choices.

In this way we are all reminded where we have evolved from, and shown some greater possibilities of the kind of things we can aspire to. It’s a perfect plan; each of us gets to be absolutely responsible for our personal evolution and gets to learn by experience, according to our choices, while experiencing the fruits of what we have chosen to create.

Our place is not to waste time judging, for in so doing we are giving our creative energy to that which we are judging, and thereby bringing it into reality in our personal space. Our job is to evaluate possibilities that will work for us and our aspirations, and then learn to stay focused.

In this way we find ourselves co-inhabiting Earth with the rest of humanity while living in our own world. This is the way it has always been, the system works perfectly.

At any time each of us are free to choose our next thought and, as a natural consequence, what we are busy creating in our future. I know that you will choose wisely and create the most amazing 2009 for yourself and in so doing put someone who admires you on the path that will enable them to fulfil their greatest aspiration as well.

May truth be your guiding force; love your motivation and enlightenment your goal.

David Pickard Wyllie

*PS: A definition found on and copied from Google.

Homosapient n.

Pronunciation: Homo sa-pi-ent (sā’pē-ənt)

A fast dwindling species of intelligent beings that are closely related to the modern species of human, the only extant species of the primate Hominidae.

Usage: Mike Judge’s tragicomic film Idiocracy explores what our world will be like after exit of the homosapient. Sadly, it feels a lot like my world.

Root: Homosapient+Sapient

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