Heaven and Earth make Love in Your Heart

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Heaven and Earth make Love in Your Heart.

We are back from Mauritius; we’ve hit the ground running. It was wonderful to spend some time with my family and introduce Dave to everything I love about the Island. This little heaven, which was my home for the first twenty years of my life, is where my roots are.

I was particularly aware that this time I was bringing back a very special gift to the island in the form of Dave’s work and also nervous as to whether they would be open to his uncommon sense. We were both pleasantly surprised.

Soaking the sun rays, while bathing in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon in Mauritius my thoughts kept going back to the shamans in South America and the Crystals which form part of the Crystal Light Therapy bed I brought back from Brazil some years ago.

I was reminded that Crystals are a gift from mother earth whose purpose and value is in strengthening our auric energy thus optimally influencing emotions, physical health, providing healing and reinforcing positive mental qualities. When we add to this light and colour we are emulating the effect of sunlight.

A session on the Crystal bed realigns our subtle bodies or auric field, which consist of our physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body and astral body. In doing so it provides us with a grounded connection to a higher spiritual communication, while measurably expanding and strengthening our electromagnetic field.

The aura is an electromagnetic field that acts like a shield protecting us from unhealthy vibrations; the stronger the aura the more protected and powerful we are. Emotional lows, depression, stress, conflicts, fear, anger, microwaves, cell phones, computers, negative thoughts, air travels are a few of the culprits that weakens our auric field. Auric maintenance is as important as exercising our physical body to sustain optimum health.

During my healing quest in South America some years ago one of the Shamans taught me that I am the product of a love affair between heaven and earth and that heaven and earth made love in my heart and my responsibility was to share this love.

This simple romantic description resonated with my understanding that my physical existence in this dimension depends on both planet earth as my physical home and sunlight to sustain this life; combined with my own deepest truth and wisdom of my soul that my only freedom is to love.

My way of sharing this love is giving Reiki, the universal life force energy which to me is synonymous to love.

May love light you way,


Christine Wyllie

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