Greetings from Brazil

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We are in Abadiania, at the Casa de Dom Inacio where miracles are alive and well and available to us. What we call a miracle is simply what science hasn’t yet been able to explain; but as we awaken to this infinite spiritual world we become aware of a larger picture.

The Casa is known as the house of Love where the medicine is Love.  When we open ourselves to receiving the loving energy of the multitudes of unseen compassionate beings present here, we are helped to remember our wholeness and release old energy that create distortions and realign our body mind and spirit.

On arrival here our group was touched by the peace that emanates from this place and only a few days into the work that peace is reflected in their eyes and their faces glow with a new softness, the change is remarkable.  Having undergone their first spiritual intervention they have no words to describe the experience; it is such an honour and privilege to be part of this moving process, to hold this sacred space and witness the transformation and realisations.

We look forward to another week in this little piece of heaven on earth; if you would like to undertake this life enhancing journey there is limited space still available on our September trip. Don’t delay, book your place now.

May this short letter convey the peace and many blessings of this sacred place to you.
Love always

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