Finding Purpose and Meaning

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Hello March, another birthday! I am grateful for another year of life on our beautiful planet. I subscribe to the aborigine’s custom of celebrating achievements rather than birthdays, if you haven’t read “Mutant message down under” I highly recommend you get the book. A beautifully written account of the few remaining true aborigines; these wise people are born knowing their purpose and when they achieve a milestone towards fulfilling their destiny they celebrate, the number of years on the planet is not cause for celebration; makes much sense to me.

Speaking of purpose, Dave has offered to do a morning talk “Re-Inventing Me Finding Purpose and Meaning after Retirement” on Thursday 20 April, inspired by my mom’s and god mother’s visit from Mauritius, both of them having been widowed in the recent past. I am so looking forward to introducing them to Dave’s work. 

I would like to extend an invitation to all those in the third stage of life who are open to explore alternative ways of looking at life and be inspired to live each day as a sacred gift.

The search for happiness and meaning is the most significant pursuit of life. The current level of depression, addiction and aggression in society are symptoms of an unfulfilled search for meaning. Frustration, uncertainty and feeling empty are all indication of a lack of meaning and purpose.

David’s talk focuses on how to embrace changes in the third phase of life, whether the changes are brought about as a result of retirement, the loss of a spouse, or the loss of health, physical ability and vitality. All these are endings, a closing of chapters, but they are also new beginnings.

As we reach the third stage of life it may not be clear what we are living for and we have some big questions that demand exploration:
– What is Life all about?  
– Why am I here?  
– What am I doing here?

David uncommon sense wisdom is based on his life experience, high level of consciousness and the ability to think creatively; he is a highly entertaining, controversial and thought provoking speaker. The aim of the morning is to help you gain an understanding of the one thing that you can change that will give you the freedom to create a meaningful life. Limited seats available click here for more information and booking enquiry.

May love light your way always

Christine Wyllie

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