February 2011

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dpw-letter-newLast year when I announced that I was hanging up my kick ass boots and big wooden spoon there was an outcry from my “face book fan club”.

As most of you know I generally don’t give a damn what people think I should be doing, I simple follow my intuition and get on with my life, after all that is what I have taught most of you to do.

Intuition is one of the most powerful of all the ‘mind skills’ we have. It is a spiritual intervention that moves far beyond logic or anything that schooling has to teach us; it never lets us down, and it never gives us false information. The trick is to listen and immediately obey our intuitive leads without question.

Well, amongst all the face book mush about how much the world needed me and I have no right to choose how I get on with the last phase of my life, one message on my wall make sense; “You will be lead to what you will do next, and it will be the most important and fun thing you have done yet”.

Why did this message have special meaning? Two reasons of maybe three!

Firstly, the words ‘most important’: Life has purpose, and the greater the purpose the more meaningful the day.

Second, ‘fun’: the only reason that I can think of that will induce me to live a little longer is to have fun!

To have fun doing something worthwhile would be a good reason to delay my journey to another Universe; to retire is to prepare to expire.

So this is my plan for my curtain call on an amazing life:

I will put together a team of twenty people, not twenty ordinary people, ‘ordinary’ would be a reason to leave; twenty exceptional people of integrity, highly ambitious with lots of courage and a strong sense of adventure……… Come on there must be twenty hiding amongst the millions!

These twenty will be the founding students for my new Growthpoint Millionaire’s School.

They must be prepared to devote a minimum of two hours a day to their self development and one three day weekend a month to attending intensive residential TAG based workshops for eleven months, starting in June 2011.

This will be the most exiting educational experience I have had the privilege to lead; one I have spent all my life qualifying for, and for the twenty new US$ millionaire’s the money will be the least important thing they will have the privilege to create.

I personally will be supplying two bursaries, for deserving young people, who can convince me that they have the integrity to be helped, and if any of you who have made millions or just achieved the success you want, from your use of the TAG principles would like to also put something special back, please contact me.

Who knows, maybe ‘the twenty’ will inspire something even more meaningful and the world will be different because some people with the courage and freedom to dream followed their hearts and obeyed their intuition.

Make love to everything you have the privilege to experience and give thanks for your learning.

Enjoy now, with the future in mind.


David Pickard Wyllie


David Wyllie

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I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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