December 2013

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dpw-letter-newWe, all of us, irrespective of our beliefs, live in a dynamic ever changing energy field that we think of as being physical. It’s not. Physical is just a very convincing illusion, just as the sun rising in the east is an illusion. And the illusion always comes in two parts, because that is the nature of creation in this dimension.

As many of you already know, I have been a keen photographer for most of my adult life. Photography has given me so much insight and clarity in my study of life principles.

As 2013 moves from our consciousness and we start giving attention to 2014 there are a few things to keep in mind.

There has been ‘good and bad’ and there will be both next year too; that is the nature of all things. In truth, live is neither good nor bad, LIFE IS! All else is our perception based on our point of focus.

Now back to the photography.

Before I begin there is a little story I must tell you.

Back in 1969 I bought my first Nikon cameras and a suit case of lenses; after all I was going to do this properly!

Like with most things, the next trick was to show off the new toys! My best friend was Charlie Ward; He, at that time worked for the South African Railway Photographic Department. So, camera bag over my shoulder, like a true professional, off I went to find Charlie.

While we were drooling over the new toys Ralph King, Charlie’s boss, walked in. After enjoying the moment, he turned to leave, looked back over his shoulder and said; “David, cameras don’t take pictures – – – – – people do!” Forty years later I really understand the wisdom of my lesson that day! “Thank you Mr. King”; where ever you might be.

What we see though the lens of a camera is always different from what we see with both eyes open. It is more contained, limited, distorted and focused. It is always an illusion. In fact there are always at least two illusions; one of selective focus and the other of selective point of view. As the photographer we choose both.

Most people who own a camera just point and shoot, paying little or no attention to detail. They don’t think, they just capture the moment; sometimes! They don’t compose their pictures and often cut off feet because they were looking at the face of the subject. They almost never ask themselves, “What is the objective here; what will this picture illustrate; what are the elements I wish to capture: when I look back, what will I remember?”

Our eyes are cameras; they capture information that is then stored in the brain. This information is always linked to an emotional filter: we can’t think without feeling. Contrary to popular beliefs we do not think in language, we think in pictures and these thoughts are given life by the emotions that they invoke. (If what we are reading does not form a picture in our head it does not make sense.)

What part, of what life is showing us, are we looking at; are we taking a broad unthinking, reactive overview or using selective focus; what perceptions are we using as distorting or enhancing filters? What is the thing I want to remember? How will this captured moment enhance my life? What will my impression be, looking back? Will this moment prove my control; will it enhance my confidence? What life lesson is it, unconditionally, presenting to me?

Life IS: the illusion of either half is never the whole and it is never the truth. We choose our point of focus and we choose the perceptions and emotions we use as filters. All the possibilities are real; we choose what we make truth; which ones we capture and make our memory and which ones we choose to leave out of focus! We choose the knowledge and the lesson!

The choice is not made by saying “I want, or don’t want”; it is made by the amount of precious life energy or emotion we feed the picture with. What we see and feel is what we manifest as reality.

Looking back over 2013, choose only that which will add value to you learning and give meaning to what was and what IS. Now look forward!

2014. How is who I am going to impact on my 2014? What will I make of the infinite possibilities I will be confronted with? I have the choice. I have the choice of perception and focus for my 2014. It will be as I WILL it to be.

Don’t just take ‘pictures’ in 2014, be an outstanding photographer. Give thought to every moment. Make every captured memory count; make it an expression the highest part of your Soul that you have the courage to imagine.

Make love to everything you have the privilege to experience and give thanks for your learning.

Enjoy now, with the future in mind.


David Pickard Wyllie


PS: We have officially launched the Growthpoint Camera Club; all registered users of this site will have access.

It is another place where we can interact socially, have some fun, learn to polish some skill and stay in tough with like minded people.


David Wyllie

About the Author

I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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