December 2009

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dpw-letter-newIt seems like just the other day that I was planning the first letter for 2009, and now I am writing the last one for the year.

For many of us it’s Christmas, the time of giving, get again. For many more it is the time of receiving.

Retailer all over the world, most of whom have no connection to Christmas, rubbing their hands in glee; and of cause the vast majority of outstretched hands who have not the slightest interest in giving, totally preoccupied with working out how to milk the sprit of Christmas with their own particular brand of ‘we are intituled to receive’.

Every where, those hands disgusting being thrust into our sacred space followed by a sound the sounds something like ‘clisimus’ and then the angry looks of disbelief that some of us have the audacity to ignore the ‘dimand’ for undeserved charity.

Anyway enough of that; they would not do it if it did not work for them. We can’t blame them for asking it’s the givers that keep it happening.

2010 is on our doorstep; lets help the world uplift it’s self! How?

Stop propping up the parasites and all their socialistic bunny hugging fussy friends! They know that socialism only works when there are successful people practising free enterprise to steel from.

Subsidy is without a doubt one of the greatest evils in the world.

Its not the giving that is evil, it is the false sense of worth that it breeds in the parasites who believe that they have the right to receive more from life, than they have the ability or inclination to create.

I know that I am always on about it, but THINK; poverty is the direct result of over consumption; wealth is simply about people always contributing and creating more than they consume in every aspect of their lives. While toughs of us who are doing the creating, allow ourselves to be emotionally blackmailed into propping up the others, they will never need to work out how to free themselves from their current circumstances.

They will continue to turn fertile land into desert: Destroy thriving economies, and use their intelligence to blame the wealthy for their self-induced lot in life.

Wealth is not about money: Money (currency) in only a convenient commodity in the barter system. Wealth happens when each member of society is committed to delivering more real value than they consume. It is that simple!

Give! Give willingly, with integrity! Give discerningly, to those who have the skill and integrity to add even more value because they received; a value that they can in turn give in the practice of upholding one of the most sacred principles of Universal Lore.

If you think I am wrong spend the time between now and the New Year contemplating Nature. It is the only true manifestation of the Law of GOD that men have never been able to corrupt with incorrect thinking, and the politics that they call religion.

If we could take man out of the equation of nature for just a short time, Planet Earth would almost instantaneously restore itself to its natural state of abundance, piece and harmony. A place were all living things have respect for all living things; all earn there rightful place, and nothing expects to be kept.

It is incorrect knowledge maliciously and misguidedly spread as TRUTH that has reduced average man to where he now finds himself; only by accepting responsibility for using his God given brain to think for himself will he rise above his current plight and resume his rightful place in the natural hirocy of the Universe.

We must have to live with the consequences of our thoughts and actions. Only in this way will we gain correct knowledge and understanding of the natural lore that governs all things.

It is this knowledge of creation that we came to Earth to perfect. Most acts of charity seem to retard the development of the very people they are supposed to be helping; distorting the truth of their learning by hi-jacking most of them from the path of self-discovery and self-sufficiency; thereby slowing down the natural process of evolution.

Help must be helping; not enslaving.

We can’t change the world; nobody ever got that right. It is a perfect world! We can, however, change our world and give the greatest gift of all. We can show others what they are capable of becoming; we can prove the truth that we are all creators of our reality; because we had the courage to lead the way.

The greatest gift you will ever give, to Mankind and the Universe, is all you are capable of becoming.

May truth be your guiding force; love your motivation and enlightenment your goal.

Have an amazing end to 2009; remember, you are preparing yourself for 2010.


David Pickard Wyllie

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David Wyllie

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I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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