David Pickard Wyllie – May 2016

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From  Scepticism to Awesome Wonder

Explore and question everything; believe nothing until I have proven it to myself; scepticism is in my DNA !

Spend good money and travel half way around the world, twenty four hours door to door, to be in the presence of thousands of people all dressed in white doing the “Mmmmm Thing” and hoping for miracle healings. You must be crazy … this kind if stuff is not for me.

I’m a practical entrepreneurial business consultant and personal development teacher who has been helping many of the world’s top business owners make millions with the use of quantum and Meta physics mixed with sound business uncommon sense. This airy fairy miracle stuff is not for me; all the research I have done showed that even if something strange happens it never lasts, because the mind-set that was at the root of the problem is never addressed. People want change but they don’t want to change!

Let’s start at the beginning; I agreed to go visit John of God at The Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil because Christine is my wife and having been twice before she maintained that it was for real and that I would definitely benefit from the enlightening experience.

The orientation talk the day after we arrived was interesting, Diego the guy doing the presentation made sense and seemed to be sincere; he also used examples of things I know to be true. What I liked was the practical reality that we need to accept responsibility for doing fifty per cent of the work if we want to heal and that the spirit doctors (called entities at the Casa)  would not under any circumstances interfere with our free will.

Day one: I thought I was in a bad day at home affairs, but with a difference… the thronging mass of thousands of people all with good manners, happy and patient.  The Casa de Dom Inacio was alive with an energy that I had not experienced anywhere before. What looked like absolute chaos mostly happening in Portuguese is a perfectly orchestrated system; and at the end of the day everyone, including me had been seen (by one man) and given some task to prepare themselves for what needed to happen next.  I was sent for Crystal Light Therapy. Not strange to me, Christine is one of the few people in South Africa who has received permission to extend the Casa’s service and has one of the Crystal Light beds.

Day two:  While hundreds of dedicated people sat for hours in a deep state of meditation creating a current of energy to support the process, I had my first spiritual intervention (psychic surgery).  I could feel something/someone working inside my heart and vascular system but there was no pain. Afterwards I was told to take a taxi back to the pousada, our home for the month. Take a Taxi, come on get real, it’s only eight hundred meters. Well I hardly made it to the taxi rank inside the grounds of the Casa, and was flat on my back for twenty four hours. Something inexplicable happened! And I had two days of introspection while my miraculously operated on body recovered.

To cut a very profound experience short I volunteered for two more (surgeries) Spiritual interventions, requesting work on my physical body as well as my business skills. The results: inexplicable things are still happening over a month later.  I broke my back in an accident when I was six years old and had poliomyelitis in my lungs and back when I was ten. As a result I have lived with back pain for the last 60 years, it is now all gone.  I can’t begin to express my gratitude to medium Joao (Affectionately known as John of God) This humble man who has devoted his life (since the age of eight) to allowing himself to be used as an instrument of healing by the spirit doctors to help humanity.

Physical Surgery: During the month I also witnessed various physical surgeries that defy all logical explanation. The one that most impressed me was an almost blind man being helped on the stage examined by a visiting Canadian ophthalmic surgeon who declared that he had advanced Cataracts. John of God placed his hands over his eyes for a minute then blew into his eyes and asked him to take a walk to the end of the hall and back unaccompanied. Which he did, when he got back the ophthalmic surgeon re-examined  his eyes and said that she had no explanation but the cataracts were gone.

The transformation from scepticism to awesome wonder was a natural process of evolution from knowing about to being.  Yes I am a believer; Christine was right, as usual!  I was experiencing what I had been teaching for years from a higher perspective.  I owe a great thanks to all the people, known and unknown, who helped to make the ‘John of God’ experience truly profound.

On a more personal side: The way Christine worked with the seven of us who accompanied her to Brazil was amazing and even more incredible was the fact that she still found time to help strangers who were overwhelmed by all the protocols and in need of assistance even during the time set aside for working on herself.  It was a privilege to accompany you on such an amazing journey which once again expanded my consciousness beyond what my little mind could conceive.  The spiritual healing I have received keeps unfolding daily and I yet do not have words to express. The month went by very quickly; there is much to learn I will accompany you again in November!

Back in South Africa:  On Saturday 2nd of July I will be presenting a new one day workshop, inspired by my trip to Brazil, entitled ”Re-Inventing Me”.

It’s a must for anyone who recognises that in order to stay living in perfect harmony with the law of continuous change we have to stop the taught tendency of resistance to the unknown while choosing and embracing our change. Book now seating is limited.

David Wyllie

About the Author

I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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