Christmas Comes and Goes

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So Christmas Comes & Goes

Celebration Time!

Christmas has been. But I can assure you it will come again. In how many months time?

So, – how many of you received gifts that you did not want or need? How many of you asked for those gifts? Now you think that that is a stupid question, don’t you?… Who in their right minds would ask people for presents or, hint for gifts, that they would not want or need?

No child writes a letter to Santa that would read something like this:-

Dear Santa,

Please don’t bring me a red bicycle with a bell; I have one. I would not like to have a new skateboard and I definitely don’t need computer games or a doll. You gave me a camera last year and it still works, so please don’t bring another. I already have enough clothes and puzzles but maybe a puppy would be nice. I have already got …etc.

Would they? No! They tell in as much detail as possible, what they want for Christmas and they think about it all the time. They remind you, as their parents, continually about what they want and you get so irate sometimes because you feel that you are ‘sick and tired of hearing about it’ Not so! They, on the other hand, believe that they will get it – and what happens – you work your fingers off to find a way to make their dreams come true. Don’t you?

Let’s take an everyday situation. How long would a sales assistant or a sales representative tolerate us if we keep requesting things we don’t want or need – yet never give them the opportunity to bring us what we would like or need? When you go shopping, do you go armed with a list? Is that list made up of all the things you don’t need? No way! You go with an idea of what you want and need to buy. (Whenever you have not planned that list carefully you often leave things out or come away with things you did not really need to get – not so?)

Yet in the small hours of the evening while lying in bed when things are going tough for us, workwise or with our personal life, whether it be health, financial or relationship problems, how often do we say “Oh please don’t let this happen”. Or,” I would die if that had to happen to me”. Or, “How on earth am I going to cope if this were to happen”? You wake up in the morning and continue in the same vein, fearing that ‘bad things’ will happen. Scared of losing our jobs, our homes, cars, people we love, – but I don’t want to drag this miserable aspect out any further. You DO know what I mean. Fear is an emotion, actually a very powerful emotion. But then, so is excitement! Maybe some of us know more about what we DON’T want than what we DO want.

Minimize what you fear and Maximize what you Love.

As a matter of interest, you grown ups out there, ‘Father Christmas is alive and well – and can still bring you what you want.’

Know what you want from Life!

There is a well-known saying “Ask and you will receive”. The great Consciousness listens to our dreams and wishes. It does not necessarily understand that we are asking for things that we would not like to have, but becomes aware of how much energy, time and thought we give to various aspects of our lives and sets about making them a reality. Maybe, so that we too will stop thinking and talking about these things and giving them so much attention – ( Just like you felt when your children seemed to nag on and on and on ….)

Now I guess you want the secret to make it right? How come children just know? You too were a child once, maybe a long time ago, but that means you knew the secret and if you dig inside yourself you will find it.

Just start to apply the same principle of obsession in reverse. Think about the perfect end result of what you want. When you find yourself saying or thinking about things that you DON’T want to have happen, ask yourself what is it that you DO want to happen. Now focus on this aspect and give it all your attention, all your energy, all your love and excitement. It will come to you. You do not have to wait until Christmas to get what you want from life. Start today and plan lots of little gifts for yourself. Do not leave your ‘shopping’ till the last minute. Enjoy everyday – as though it is a little bit of Christmas.

Be selective! Ask for what you want of life. You will get it!


by: Val Wyllie

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