Christine Writes – September 2016

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Christine Writes

I write to you from Mauritius; where Dave and I are taking time to slow down, reconnect with the family immerse our self in the beauty of nature all around and delight in sharing the gift of Reiki and TAG consciousness on the Island.

We have a French proverb which says that ‘no one is a prophet in his own country’ and so I never considered the possibility of teaching Reiki in Mauritius as there are dozens of Reiki teacher already there.  I felt very honoured when I was asked if we would be willing to teach Reiki during our visit, Sheila who had done her Reiki training with us wanted  to introduce‘TAG-REIKI’on the island.

We spent three magical days savouring the privilege of sharing of ourselves with a wonderful group of enthusiastic and engaging people; what made it even more special for me is that my two sisters were also part of the group. For the first time I had the opportunity of fully expressing who I am and sharing the gift of Reiki along with Dave uncommon sense.Judging by the feedback the group is now looking into the mystery of life with new eyes, and I do not feel like a stranger on the island anymore.



“It was the best and deep experience I ever had, everything we did brought me happiness and across to another world that I was searching for. You open my path to another life and could find answers about life, a big thanks.” N.C

“A beautiful experience which brought another way of seeing life, the most positive experience was all the love going around.” D.O

“It was very different from the course I followed before, more lovely, more human touch, beyond my expectation, an amazing experience with lots of love.” L.C

“It was a special experience, not sure to be able to describe, have to experience more and be confident” N.L

“The knowledge we got and had the chance to put into practice was far more than I expected, it was a marvellous and amazing experience which cannot be described but only experienced.” P.C

“Thank you for answering what I have been looking for since the last few years… I have never felt so blissful and blessed…The workshop was enlightening, taking me on a different dimension, I received so much love.”  P.R


Christine Wyllie

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