Christine writes – November 2015

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“For those who believe no words are necessary

For those who don’t believe no words are possible”

Dom Inacio de Layola

Since my first visit to the Casa de Dom Inacio in 2008, when I received permission to bring back a Crystal Light Therapy bed, I have kept in close contact with the Casa. And I have subsequently taken friends and family with me on a visit. Over the years my clients have been asking me to accompany them to this sacred place, I am pleased to let you know that I have received permission from John of God to take a small group on a healing journey to the Casa.

My first visit to John of God was stirred by curiosity and a healthy dose of scepticism, compelled by my sense of adventure and passion for healing. I must admit that I felt nervous too, as the thought of someone incorporating spirits was a little too wild for me. But my friend assured me that it was a spiritual hospital and that there was nothing to fear.

John of God is a full trance medium who incorporates beings of light / spirit doctors to assist those in need of healing. He has been offering this service for free to humanity for more than fifty years; seeing thousands of people from all corners of the world irrespective of colour, status or creed.

The work of John of God defies logic, words cannot do justice to the healing that I received and how my life was transformed by this experience. Dave and I will be going to the Casa for two weeks in April / May next year if you would like to be part of this sacred journey or would like more information about the Casa and the work of John of God drop me a mail.

May love light your way always


Christine Wyllie

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