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Almost a month since we came back from Brazil, for me each visit to the Casa de Dom Inacio brings a greater sense of connectedness to life, a new perspective that reveals yet a bigger picture.

My gratitude to John of God and the entities of light for their selfless love and support to humanity grows every day.  The privilege of nurturing each group that I accompany there, to be part of and witness the transformation that takes place in everyone in this magical place is so awe-inspiring  and rewarding.

Congratulations to YOU the courageous pilgrims who journeyed with us, for your willingness to embrace the entities powerful healing work and say YES to yourself. When we heal ourselves we heal our world; thank you for your contribution to my world.

The entities immense love and support gifts us with opportunities to reach deep inside and examine our hidden unexpressed emotions. These suppressed emotions hold us back and are often the cause of depression and anxiety which often culminate in physical diseases; they need to be released from our energy system. The infinite love that surrounds us at the Casa fosters an environment where these emotions are triggered spontaneously, tears flow without our understanding followed by blissful moments of pure joy.

The sacred space created by the tangible physical help from beyond the veil leads to Self-examination requiring that we ask pertinent questions and accept full responsibility for our suffering.

  • Are we willing to forgive ourselves and others for the perceived wrongs? 
  • Does our need to be right outweigh our need to be well; is it worth the pain and disharmony?
  • Are we willing to let go of judgements and stop making things good or bad and start seeing it as balanced or imbalanced and focus on what brings harmony to our life?
  • Everything that we encounter in life, pleasant or unpleasant, holds a teaching; are we open to learning the lesson in every situation and embrace the gift of spiritual growth?

We are the creators of our reality: dis-ease or harmony; anxiety or inner peace; misery or happiness…our free will is never interfered with by the entities, there is no judgement only infinite love and compassion and we only receive that which we are willing to accept. 

In Abadiania the veils between realms are thinner, the high vibrational frequency of the energy the beings of light share with us helps raise our consciousness and supports us in healing what seemed impossible back home. 

If you are physically sick; if you are feeling lost, looking for clarity on how to make a meaningful contribution to your life and in the world; finding yourself in a pattern of negative emotions or toxic relationships; seeking to improve your relationships and create deeper connections; having difficulty shifting perspectives, wanting to find your higher purpose; take a leap in your spiritual evolution or simply wanting to reconnect with the Divine within and align with source energy, it may well be your time to visit John of God.

There is limited space available on our September trip; it would be my pleasure to accompany you on this life transforming journey.  Booking enquiry

May love light your way always

Wayne Dyer talks to Oprah about his healing experience with from John of God. Watch the moving testimonial.

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