Christine Writes – February 2016

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Christine Writes

Are you seeking harmony between body, mind and spirit; looking to discover purpose and develop meaning in your life; to lead a life that is intimately connected to the adventure in the mystery of your existence? 

Life on earth is like entering a maze, one feels lost disoriented until we start to follow our heart, until then no routes seem to make sense. It is only when we find this place of truth and trust that we feel peace even in the midst of chaos and walk confidently for we know our way home. 

We each have to figure it out for ourselves and support each other on this journey. If you are looking for a simple technique to support you with this process we call life; book your place on the next Reiki course and reconnect with the wisdom of your body and the magic you hold in your hands. 

This is what past students have to say: 

“It felt like everything I’ve been through my whole life has led me to this beautiful and blessed Reiki Master. Christine carries empirical / experiential knowledge of so much more beyond the material presented which she shares with passion and love. It has been a rite of passage deeply moving and unforgettable light filled moment. Thank you!” E.F 

“An absolute must for everyone, meeting Christine and gaining amazing beautiful skills that I can take with me wherever I go is the most positive experience I had in this class” JM 

“The workshop helped me reconnect with myself, I feel lighter and better physically, mentally, spiritually and I made a new friend.” SL

May love light your way always



Christine Wyllie

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