Christine Writes – August 2016

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Christine Writes

Save, Delete or Transform?

I am concerned when I hear someone say, I don’t want to come back and experience life of earth again, I am done being human… 

Why would anyone not want another chance at this wondrous adventure? There is so much to explore so much to experience and master…   I have to wonder what kind of life they are creating and why they think that the grass would be greener somewhere else.

For me life is an exciting adventure filled with love, beauty, harmony and a multitude of challenges to help my soul evolve. I’ve had my share of heartaches but ‘in the midst of winter I learned that there is in me an invincible summer.’

I saw the following on FB the other day and I thought it was the most honest questionI could ask myself, the reply to which contains the potential for deep transformation:

“At the end of each day, life should ask us: Do you want to save the changes? “

Imagine that instead of the end of the day it is now end of your life, what would your answer be? You are the only one who can bring about changes in your life irrespective of circumstances. You have the choice, delete, save or transform.

I invite you to join me on a trip of a life time that will nourish your soul and transform your life in profound ways. A healing journey that will give you answers for your life and help you connect deeply with yourself.  Everyone that visit John of God receives a healing of body, mind and soul, your experience will be unique and insightful.

There are only two places available on our November tour to the John of God’s Healing Centre in Brazil, booking closes at the end of September.. Book Now! and open yourself to miracles and the evolution of your soul.

Christine Wyllie

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