April 2015

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Christine Writes


A Different Perspective

“We get more courageous as we dare and more fearful as we hesitate.”

To awaken to a brand new day and welcome the sun is to start the day with a miracle surrounded by adventure and the unknown. One thing I know for sure the sun will set and rise again.

The day is filled with possibilities, miracles or misery is a matter of perspective and attitude. So why not explore and enjoy life with gratitude for the gift on another day.

I can change my point of view when I am unable to change the world, I can turn my life upside down if I dare to and who knows what I may find out about myself.

I believe that we are here on this planet to re-discover self-love and reconnect with our magnificence; to experience joy and vibrant well-being.

Often this remains a utopian dream for we live in a world that is so fast-paced and active that we feel fragmented, stressed and scattered. We become ungrounded and disconnected, unable to focus on the miracle of life. Stress is the number one joy killer, bringing about an array of dis-ease…

We are all healers the memory of this lies in our soul, healing is a gift that is present in everything in the universe. Every plant holds the power to heal itself and heal you; Mother Nature brings us solace when we take the time to connect and ground ourselves. Added to this the loving energy we call Reiki leaves us feeling at peace and uplifted; and with regular practice we feel centred and a sense of calm.

“You possess the ability to tap a bottomless well of physical and psychic energy…. With it, you can harness the magical power of the universe. Yet most of us unknowingly block the flow of this power, and live out our lives not reaching the potential that we could achieve if we only knew how.”            ~ L.V. Carnie ~

Come and explore the possibilities and leave your stress behind, spend some time in nature, treat yourself to a blissful Reiki session and a cell rejuvenating Crystal Light Therapy treatment. The John of God Crystal Bed Healing is the ultimate life enhancing experience because of the profound work being done on all levels of the bodies. Energy/vibrational medicine is the medicine of the future. Read more:

I am not the healer; I am the silent witness to your miracle thank you for the privilege.

Christine Wyllie

Christine Wyllie

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