April 2008

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dpw-letter-newThe other night I decided to re-watch the amazing DVD, ‘Pay it forward.’ Needless to say its impact, like all create ideas re-visited, was amazing.

The simplicity of the concept and the profound impact of the possibility when implemented with the integrity that is worthy of such a concept, was worth this letter which I hope will serve as a reminder to all of us with conviently short memories.

How many of us after seeing the movie for the first time promised ourselves that the concept would become a way of life. How many of us have received something really worthy of being paid forward simply because although we paid for what we got, the value we received was completely out of proportion to the value we were blesses to receive.

How many of us said to ourselves, ‘I must pass this on, give it to somebody so they too can make a difference.’ Was the problem that we said it to ourselves? So no one heard; so it’s OK to forget.

Some of you also committed to the ‘TAG homework’. Remember the part where we do something special, to help somebody every day, which we have to keep a secret. Remember the power of the secret and the magic that it brings into all our lives.

The more of us who think this way and practice these simple principles the more energy we are aliening with the things that we stand for. And the way the world seems to be going it looks like the creation of surplus not at the top of the fashionable thinking at the moment.

The real magic of these actions, are that they are ACTIONS. We are committed to doing something that is adding a value in a world where most people believe that they have a right to consume more than they create.

There is another magic that is less obvious; we can’t do without thinking and our thoughts always return to us as future reality. This way we are giving more energy to creation and achievement while most people are stuck in the medias concept of reality.

We become the creators of what ever we choose to give the bulk of our attention to. That’s where we are directing our energy. The choice is always ours, irrespective of what is going on around us we still have the choice of focus.

We have all done it; we know that is works; we can make the difference!

I hope I’ve jogged your memory. But more than that, I hope I have re-stimulated your conviction.


David Pickard Wyllie

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David Wyllie

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