Am I standing in my own way?

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There is a wall between our current understanding of self and the infinite possibilities of our omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient self. We build it ourselves and only we can dismantle it; the ignorance this wall creates influences every aspect of our lives.

More and more I am meeting people who are very successful in their business ventures but feel that they are standing in their own way and stopping both their business and lives from fulfilling their true potential. This is a very common phenomenon!

The solution to this ‘problem’ is simple but not easy without help. It is very seldom found in the popular ‘truths’ of business and/or common place everyday life philosophy which when diligently practiced will only take us to a point. My life experience as well as research into the lives of many of the truly successful entrepreneurs confirms that we all have a working knowledge of quantum and metaphysical sciences. Our secret weapon! This is what I have been teaching to my thriving clients, irrespective of their field of expertise and helping them make quantum leaps in every aspect of their lives.

Bearing in mind that beliefs and perceptions are not ‘truth’ … they are our convenient point of view based on our social conditioning and schooling and current life experience. They are almost always ideas and concepts that have been handed down to us and that we have simply never questioned. They are created by behaviour, indoctrination and other concepts that are part of the world of yesterday and to get out of our own way the first thing we need to do is change our relationship with yesterday.

Yesterday was our best friend, it brought us to this moment in time; this moment when we realised that something was missing from our lives. This intuitive feeling when left unacknowledged is another brick in the wall that keeps us trapped. Yesterday is history that can’t be changed and the only constants in the Universe are principles and change. History is about looking back keeping things the same or trying to get yesterdays beliefs, perceptions and methods to create the future. Well the same cause simply cannot create a different effect. A perfect recipe for disaster! The future is in front, in the unknown and unproven … in the place that we have never been before.

The great psychological trap; remember your roots; your heritage; your station in life … let me see the research…; where can I learn about …. ; show me the proof … the list is endless.
Sadly for most of us our up-bringing has all but killed our imagination and our intuitive link to our true self or what philosophy calls the super conscious and religion calls the Soul. This tends to disconnect us from our relationship with our greater self and our natural instinctive understanding of natural law. And this lack of knowledge is standing between our dreams and aspirations and our greatest possibilities, keeping us stuck.

What we consciously know is history based on experience and socially programming. Information that is generally never questioned, and the perceptions of reality that it creates is preventing our deep super conscious knowledge from coming to the fore resulting in a gross misrepresentation of who we actually are and our true capabilities.

Accessing our super conscious or Higher Self involves going out of our comfort zone. Leaving behind conventional, popular thinking and limiting beliefs and our historical point of view about possibilities and impossibilities is not easy but with changed life experiences it is very doable.

How is it possible for educated people to believe anything that is beyond proof! Well we actually do all the time. Any information that we hear often enough and get emotionally lured into participating in become our convenient truth. Thinking involves questioning everything including our most cherished beliefs, not processing information.

For thousand of years people believed that the world was flat. Then Galileo was almost executed for proving the contrary. The Wright Brothers took a similar route and flirted with insanity. They changed our concept of reality and allowed Humans the freedom of flight. So did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; the list is endless.

Modern quantum physics, quantum mechanics etc… are completely changing our understanding of reality yet again and taking the mysticism out of ‘miracles’ and ‘magic’. What was once perceived to be ‘super-natural’ is now becoming the norm, taking the lid off perceived human possibilities’. And just as a lack of belief in gravity does not negate the principle, so does not believing in metaphysics or not having the knowledge to explain things negate their reality.

The only thing standing in the way of our greater possibilities or the dynamic growth of our businesses is us; our lack of imagination, knowledge of self and the creative principles of nature. And the acquisition of this knowledge opens up hitherto ‘impossible’ possibilities.

As we discover these truths and learn to master them we have the responsibility of sharing them with the people we work with and the willing few in the community at large. When communities and companies start aligning all their thinking ‘magic’ happens.

We are all in the way of our ever unfolding future! That which is inconceivable from our current point of view becomes obvious with a little shift in perception. Self-knowledge is the key to getting out of our own way. Contrary to common belief this knowledge cannot be obtained from books; it has to be experienced to be made true. Wisdom is knowledge applied.

My life’s work has taken top entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams as well as exceptional individuals through the ever evolving TAG Consciousness experience and getting them to make quantum leaps in their own possibilities.

Contact me if you have the courage to step out of your own way and risk finding out that you are far more than you have ever been allowed to believe is possible.

May common sense prevail

David Wyllie

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I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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