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A beggar asks for crumbs and he deserves the crumbs he gets.- Anonymous




David Pickard Wyllie Letter


“When I accept the responsibility for manifesting every aspect of my life, then only then do I unlock the conscious ability to change that which I unconsciously chose to manifest as my current reality and replace it with conscious choices for my future.”
Paradoxically, the one constant in the universe is continuous change and yet for most it is the thing that we resist the most, this resistance is the cause of enormous amount of unnecessary stress, dramas and suffering in our lives.
Every moment of our existence we are doing three things choosing, changing and manifesting, they are built in default programs that are a part of the human technology. Giving away those responsibilities is still our choice…

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Christine resized

 Christine Writes


Our time on earth is a wondrous adventure for those who have the courage to step into new terrain and constantly explore life’s infinite possibilities. 

2018 set off to a great start on our part of the world, the insightful and thought provoking Re-Inventing me Workshop delivered with Dave’s unfailing passion and enthusiasm was well received:  

- “Enlightening, gave me tools on how to apply my mind and make better choices”

– “A lot of aha moments, I was completely enthralled with every titbit of information which was so effectively put across”

–  “An eye opener; I learned a lot and feel empowered”

The next workshop “The YOU with YOU” on the 24th of March is my personal favourite not to be missed.
Last weekend I delighted is passing the gift of Reiki Master, a beautiful inspiring and healing weekend for all.  What a privilege to share this amazing journey with those seeking mastery and witness the healing and personal growth that each level brings about. Thank You Masters for your contribution and encouraging feedback…

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I met Dave in the early eighties and attended one of his personal development courses – Think Act Grow. The course and subsequent TAG courses I attended were a life changer for me in all aspects including health, family & wealth! The principles I learnt I have passed onto my children and it is a blessing to see them enjoy the rewards of applying these principles in their lives. I am eternally grateful to Dave for being one of the Masters on my journey of life!”

Thank you Dave!

Allen Usher

24 January 2018  

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“Man know Thyself and Thou shalt know the Universe
and God”
24 March 2018
Growthpoint Centre
TAG II Intensive Workshop 
Phase I  9-10-11 February Phase II  9-10-11 March 2018
Growthpoint Centre   
Residential Workshop
Usui Reiki Level I and II 

 24-25 February 2018

Growthpoint Centre – Gauteng

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Casa De Dom Inacio
Transformational Healing Journey to John of God – Brazil 
25 March- 7 April 2018 Full
     21  Oct. to 3 Nov. 2018 

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