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Each of us has some unique capabilities waiting for realization.- George H. Bender





In Need of ‘UnCommon’ Sense that seems to escape most people?


David Pickard Wyllie Letter

Sad News and Exciting News 

As we approach the end of yet another amazing adventure filled year I’m once again on the brink of a new inspired leap of faith exploring the possibilities of my greater self and how I might best turn my achievements into still greater service for the few who are ready to accept total responsibility for their lives.
This upcoming TAG Intensive workshop will be the last workshop of its kind, after more than 40 years it is time to change pace. As sad as it is for me to say goodbye to this amazing process, I am excited about the new doors that I am opening.
My seventy three years of self-discovery and the wisdom it has bestowed on me has taught me a few things for sure; change is a guarantee, there are no “right’ or ‘wrong’ answers in life and we all live in the perfect world of our own creation. We are all in the perfect circumstances for our current level of development both in this dimension and in the greater picture of the evolution of our Soul. The Universe does not make mistakes.
This perfect place is for our overcoming and learning. Our physical, mental, emotional development leads to our spiritual evolution, a natural consequence of the entire process. Every rung of the ladder, must be earned and personally mastered; there are no free rides, no short cuts and nothing can be given despite the best intentions of the giver. Riding on the progress of others creates the illusion of progress and retards our evolution.

“The Successful Few are always looking for self-knowledge that will facilitate their next quantum leap while the mediocre majority are always looking for excuses to justify their lot in life.”

For me personally I’m on the brink of yet another quantum leap out of the comfort zone of an amazing past. My internationally famous TAG II; Consciously Engaging Evolution, workshop is going on the back burner.
Apart from working on myself, a process that has and will always take priority, I will be doing private custom made workshops followed by personal coaching for students of TAG Consciousness and/or business owners and their partners and teams who wish to take their game to the next level.
Last but not least one of my favourite; inspiring people through speaking engagements, and who knows maybe I will finally make time to finish my books.
The advantage to my clients will be that they will be setting the agenda and the pace of their journey without the distraction of other participants, and the only limiting factors will be their courage to explore their true nature and the latent tools of their unused DNA.

Contact Me to explore how I can serve you.


 Christine Writes

A Story of Love and Healing

I have just received this moving story of Love and Healing from Singer-songwriter and Author Haikaa Yamamoto, I thought I would share with you; I trust it will inspire you too. I am counting the days to our healing journey coming up in a few weeks.

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13 September 2018
Dear Dave and Christine,
Kevin and I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU for the very informative day we spent with you on Saturday. I know this is only a taste of what you have to offer us, but just those 9 hours spent with you have changed our way of thinking like never before.
We really appreciate all the advice and guidance you gave us and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Kindest regards
Kevin and Carol Burrow

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Consciously Engaging Evolution    Intensive Residential Workshop for the Exceptional Few


               Phase 1  12-13-14 October                  Phase 2  9-10-11 November 2018   

Growthpoint Centre – Gauteng 








Guided Healing Journey to John of God  the Miracle man of Brazil 
Perhaps you are facing incurable health challenges, anxiety, depression or spiritual disharmony? I invite you To join me on a Sacred journey with the entities of light, at the Casa de Dom Inacio

               Life Transforming Journey

21 October to 3 November 2018
Limited Space Available










  Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master Residential Training 
 22-23-24 November  2018


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