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If a man would move the world, he must first move himself.- Socrates




David Pickard Wyllie Letter

 Businesses don’t fail… People do!

I frequently hear owners of businesses complaining about the lack of ability or commitment of the stupid morons who work for them … and I always respond with the same question; “Who is the idiot who hired them and keeps paying their salaries?”

Sales suicide … sometimes, but for the entrepreneurs who are not hiding behind their fragile egos it is a wake-up call that I am never afraid to give. In fact it is a wake-up call that keeps me in the business of transforming their businesses into lean effective profitable entities, adding huge value to the business, its owners and all the amazing people who are smart enough to implement the simple uncommon sense that I impart.  Those who understand what their collective energy is contributing to our economy.

Over the past forty something years I have built the reputation for halving staff complement and doubling profitability while effectively creating an escape hatch for those people who can’t take the pass or believe they have a right to some form of sheltered employment.  I do not waste my time with people who are not seriously prepared to do whatever it takes, be they business owners or employees.

The statement “a fish rots from the head down” means that leadership is the root cause of an organizations failure and demise. This is true whether that organization is a country, a company, or a sales force. If I can’t get the head right, frankly I’m not interested in taking money for something I know is only a token fix of no lasting value.

Everything is energy! Back in the 1930’s Napoleon Hill, author of the still bestselling business book of all times, described the principle of a mastermind as; “a group of two or more people working in perfect harmony for a common goal.” Another way of saying that is; The frequencies of the energies  of the Business, its owners, and the entire operational team must all be a harmonious vibration match with the overall objectives … if not the conflicting energies will eventually destroy it all.

On Thursday the 23rd of August I will be sharing my over 40 years of experience and the principles and foundation of my work in a workshop entitled “People Proofing Your Business”   Space is limited to 18 business owners to ensure plenty of time for practical interaction. 

I look forward to inspiring you to new heights.




 Christine Writes

Our Free Will Really Free?

I will be going to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil on the 23rd of July. If you would like to request distance healing with John of God please get in touch for more information on how to proceed.

At the Casa we are told that our freewill will always be respected, which is why we are required to do 50% of the work while the entities / spirit doctors help us with the other 50%. My time at the Casa gives me time to retreat, relax and reflect, allowing memories to come up for examination and with the help of the entities of light I am supported to look at things from a higher perspective and make different choices, this intervention makes it easier to let go of what does not serve me.
The willingness to let go and trust in higher guidance is the magical key that turns adversity into adventure.

The above statement may sound insane, let’s examine the word insanity (in sanity) what a fabulous place to be!  Isn’t it remarkable what a change of perspective can do?  I chose to see life as a mystical adventure in the mystery of me, what if you did too, wouldn’t you delight in the exploration that your time on earth affords you irrespective of the circumstances?

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras said: “Know thyself and you shall know the Universe and God.”

What is Freewill?  Is it the freedom to choose our thoughts beliefs and actions?  That would imply that we are conscious of our ability to choose at any given moment. Assuming that this is the case, on what basis do we make that choice, are our choices conscious or unconscious and is our will really free?  Read more 




I met Dave in the early eighties and attended one of his personal development courses – Think Act Grow. The course and subsequent TAG courses I attended were a life changer for me in all aspects including health, family & wealth! The principles I learnt I have passed onto my children and it is a blessing to see them enjoy the rewards of applying these principles in their lives. I am eternally grateful to Dave for being one of the Masters on my journey of life!”

Thank you Dave!

Allen Usher

24 January 2018  

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Guided Healing Journey to John of God The Miracle Man of Brazil

Join Christine Wyllie on a once in a life time life transforming Journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio Brazil  read more

 21 October to 3 November 2018              Limited Space available

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