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The Wright brothers flew right through the smoke screen of impossibility.- Charles F. Kettering





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David Pickard Wyllie Letter


Contrary to popular belief we were never ‘stuck’ with the DNA and Genes that we were born with; science has proven that the energy of thought can and does re-write the programs in accordance with our beliefs and lifestyles.

The implications and the responsibility that comes with the scientific verification of this ancient meta-physical knowledge is changing the current understanding of the possibilities of human kind. For the seekers of truth, we live in exciting times and for those who resist change this information meets with huge resistance. 
The first question we need to ask ourselves is: “Do I want to get a head start or will I use my intelligence to cling to past beliefs?
If you are reading this letter you are probably looking to expand your life and ready to break free from the safe prison of mass consciousness.
So what are the implications;- 

  • I am not a victim of my ancestral gene pool.
  • I can change the data encoded of my genes.
  • I can choose my health status.
  • I can choose my level of intelligence.
  • I can develop skill and abilities that have always been thought of as ‘super’ human.
  • I can transform my concept of reality and unlock my dormant DNA.

The list is endless, in fact it is the very foundation of the concept of infinite possibilities, and it is a perfectly natural part of who we are. But this does not mean that we can just take a quantum leap into the future; we all have much to unlearn, many archaic beliefs and conditioning to dispose of. Provided we are prepared to do our part the possibilities for our future are beyond anything most of us currently have the imagination to contemplate.
Remember if one person can, it’s humanly possible;the rest is up to us!

The Universe is not a physical place, for years Science has known that it is intelligent energy vibrating on an infinite number of frequencies. Clusters of these frequencies working harmoniously with each other create our physical reality. In our world, what we call thought or consciousness is the magnetic field of manifestation. Being able to consciously control what we manifest is a skill that we need to master.

The upcoming “Unlocking Dormant DNA” workshop on the 6th of April will give you an in depth understanding of how to bridge the gap between possibility and reality. Do you have the courage to walk across this bridge? Only a few seats available.  Book your seat now




 Christine Writes

Your body is a reflection of your mind; Your mind is a reflection of our spirit; You are a reflection of Divine Light. Your body is programmed to repair and regenerate itself, and wellness is your natural state but in order to achieve this you need to rest and relax.  
Nowadays people are under such stress that even their sleep is restless and as a result their bodies are not sufficiently healthy to restore health, their immune systems are weakened, their lymphatic systems are not fully functioning, their bodies and energetic bodies are congested.

Dis-ease starts with a negative or fearful thought that triggers stress! These thoughts filter through from our mental body into our emotional body and finally manifests as symptoms in our physical body. Relaxing our mind and body allows our physical body to come back into harmony.
Deep fatigue and achy bodies are the most common and most frequently reported symptoms that I encounter in my practice.  It is the body’s way of telling you that you have accumulated toxins in your system and if not attended to will result in more serious symptoms of disease… 

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September 2018

I had the privilege to attend Dave’s & Christine’s TAG II workshop a bit more than a year and a half ago now. I came in with an open mind, curious of what this could bring. What I learned was truly transformational and beyond any of my expectations. There are too many points to list but my biggest take aways’ were the glimpse of what the human mind is capable of and how good it feels when you are in line with yourself, values, thoughts & ethics. I also met amazing people that shared the workshop with me and who have and still are contributing to my life in one way or another. Worth doing again!

Thank you, Dave & Christine.

Dean Oxenham   


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