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If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve obviously never been in bed with a mosquito.- Michelle Walker





In Need of ‘UnCommon’ Sense that seems to escape most people?


David Pickard Wyllie Letter


Every day we are given the opportunity to re-evaluate who we think we are; how we interact with and contribute to the experience we call life and the community in which we find ourselves.

For some life is an invigorating and inspiring experience, while for others life is something to be endured. But for all of us our interaction with our day, and every circumstance it brings, is a personal choice. Our choice activates the law of cause and effect, creating our joy or sadness and lays the path to our amazing or dismal  future. We always have the choice!

The questions I always need to ask myself at the end of the day are:-   

  • Am I overcoming or succumbing to my life’s challenges?
  • What have I contributed to my world?
  • Did I create more than I have consumed?
  • What have I learnt about myself today that is and will continue to add value to my future possibilities?

Irrespective of our starting point, we all have within us the creative energy and tools to fashion a future far more amazing that our current circumstances. Every new vantage point achieved gives us another opportunity to expand our vision and continue the process, in accordance with our chosen point of focus. Life is a non-judgemental, exponential and infinite progression of choices, changes and consequences…

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 Christine Writes

The Re-Inventing Me workshop was facilitated with the unique blend of wisdom, insight, passion and enthusiasm of Dave, whose life experience demonstrates that there is always a better way when we have the courage to overcome our fear of change and follow our heart.

The feedback from the participants bears testimony to the profound insights received; the way Dave challenged their thinking and encouraged them to examine their beliefs at times incited resistance and interesting thought provoking debates. Dave certainly gave everyone much to think about and most importantly the realisation that impossible is a self-limiting belief that can be overcome by making conscious intelligent choices and that our life is a personal responsibility.

For me it is simply having a clear intention of overcoming a fear based attitude that leads to victim hood, by choosing to see life’s challenges as opportunities for growth.

Resistance to change is resistance to life itself; the cause of much suffering. Change being the only constant in the universe and the source of perpetual uncertainty, it makes sense that if instead of resisting and fearing the unknown we chose to embrace our fear and respond to its invitation to be courageous and face our personal limitations, we will find excitement in every challenge and adversity…

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September 2018

I had the privilege to attend Dave’s & Christine’s TAG II workshop a bit more than a year and a half ago now. I came in with an open mind, curious of what this could bring. What I learned was truly transformational and beyond any of my expectations. There are too many points to list but my biggest take aways’ were the glimpse of what the human mind is capable of and how good it feels when you are in line with yourself, values, thoughts & ethics. I also met amazing people that shared the workshop with me and who have and still are contributing to my life in one way or another. Worth doing again!

Thank you, Dave & Christine.

Dean Oxenham   


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